LiteFuze 5000 Watt Voltage Regulator / Transformer Heavy Duty LR-5000

Voltage regulator-converter

Regular price $199.00 - 19900

19900 is the right place to purchase the LiteFuze LR-5000 watt voltage converter at competitive prices. This automatic voltage regulator is very convenient to use in places where voltage is unstable. This step up step down transformer offers dual functionality as it can step up or step down volts in appliances when required. For a durable performance, this heavy duty voltage converter is designed with a small circuitry and a high-resistance copper coil. You can completely rely on this 5000 watt voltage converter for safety as it enables fully grounded transformation.Key Features:
  • Up to 5000 Watt continuous use capacity
  • Input selection switch in the rear of the converter
  • LED Indicator for Power Source
  • Analog Voltage Output Meter
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator to stabilize unstable voltage
  • Voltage Regulator range:
    • 220V Input Range: 180-260V
    • 110V Input Range: 75-130V
  • Step Up/Down Voltage Converter Functionality:
    • Step Down: Converts 220/230/240-volt (single phase) Electricity to 110/120-volt (single phase)
    • Step Up: Converts 110/120-volt (single phase) Electricity to 220/230/240-volt (single phase)
  • 5 Output Sockets:
    • 3 x 110V Oulets for US products
    • 2 x 220V Outlets for 220V products
  • Connectors:
    • Grounded US plug on the cord
    • European Plug adapter included
  • US Patented Universal Output Socket
  • Smart circuitry and high resistance copper coil ensures durability
  • Dynamic casing design offers ventilation to the transformer
  • Carrying Handle
  • Fully Grounded Transformer from Input to Output for safe operation
  • CE Approved
  • Built-in Circuit Breaker
  • Free Euro Plug Adapter

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