LiteFuze convertingbox 3000 Light Weight Voltage Converter

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LiteFuze convertingbox® 3000 Automatic Voltage Transformer 

The LiteFuze convertingbox 3000 is a premium quality light weight voltage converter/transformer. It features smart socket, circuit breaker, convertingbox noise reduction and half weight technology. It is equipped with circuit breaker and a lifetime warranty.

Greater Efficiency
The LiteFuze convertingbox is even more efficient with low efficiency factor of 1.25 in comparison to other voltage transfomers that have efficiency factor of as high as 3.0
Half Weight
convertingbox technology reduces a standard voltage transformer's weight by 50%. Thus, LiteFuze convertingbox is more convenient to carry around and easier to store.
Noise Reduction
convertingbox technology reduces the noise level and vibrations in standard voltage transformers to close to none. Enjoy noise free step up or step down voltage conversion with convertingbox.
Smart Sockets
The smart sockets offer cleaner look and make the convertingbox much more user-friendly. All three Universal sockets in the back of the transformer will provide 220V output so that you can connect your 220V products them in the USA 110V.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
As an authorized dealer of LiteFuze voltage transformers and converters. Your purchase of the LiteFuze convertingbox with Bombay Electronics comes with Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Key Features

  • Up to 3000 Watt continuous use capacity
  • Step Up Functionality:
    • Step Up: Converts 110/120-volt Electricity to Single Phase 220/230/240-volt
  • 4 x US Patented Universal Output Socket - accepts virtually any plug from around the world.
  • convertingbox Noise reduction technology
  • convertingbox half-weight technology
  • *Efficiency Factor: 1.25
  • Detachable Durable Industrial cord
  • Dynamic casing design offers ventilation to the voltage transformer
  • Fully Grounded Transformer from Input to Output for safe operation
  • CE Certified
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Circuit Breaker
*Efficiency Factor
Use this factor to calculate the correct wattage transformer needed for your items. Multiply the WATT rating on your product with this factor and purchase transformer of at least that size. 

If your blender requires 350W, then multiply 350 x 1.25 (efficiency factor of convertingbox) = 437.5W. Thus, convertingbox 500 is recommended for this particular blender. To use multiple products, simply add watt rating of each product and multiply the combined watt rating with the efficiency factor. Always purchase a larger transformer than your appliances required wattage to handle any power surges during operation. Feel free to contact or call us if you have any questions. Read our 
voltage converter guide or  tips and hints when using voltage converters

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