LiteFuze convertingbox™ - Voltage Transformers & Converters

Voltage Regulators from are voltage transformer with a built in stabilizer. You will find a wide range of Voltage Regulator Converters ranging from 350 Watt to 8000 Watt to suit your individual needs. The Voltage Regulator Convertor has a built-in replaceable fuse that safeguards your equipment from overload. This heavy duty voltage converter also works as a regulator and a step up or step down voltage converter/transformer. All of our voltage regulator/stabilizer are CE certified. Refer to our voltage converter guide if you need help selecting the right size voltage transformer. We recommend at least 100% higher wattage transformer than your equipment's required wattage. Also, view our voltage converter comparison chart to compare features of all the types of transformer we carry.

Why LiteFuze convertingbox™?
Greater Efficiency
convertingbox technology
Detachable Cord
The LiteFuze convertingbox is even more efficient with low efficiency factor of 1.25 in comparison to other voltage transfomers that have efficiency factor of as high as 3.0
convertingbox technology reduces a standard voltage transformer's weight by 50%. It also reduces the noise level and vibrations in standard voltage transformers to close to none
The LiteFuze convertingbox transformers are more adapteable with a detachable power cord. Simply use a proper cord for your country's outlet for safer voltage conversion.
Smart Sockets
Auto-Voltage Selection Lifetime Warranty
The smart sockets offer cleaner look and make the convertingbox much more user-friendly. The same sockets in the front of the transformer will provide Step Down or Step Up conversion depending on the input voltage. You do not need to worry about setting the input voltage anymore. The new LiteFuze convertingbox 2000 and 3000 watt will automatically detect the input voltage from 110-250V and output the voltage indicated by the LED light in the front. As an authorized dealer of LiteFuze voltage transformers and converters. Your purchase of the LiteFuze convertingbox with Bombay Electronics comes with Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.